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EduClass is a software system used for managing lecture based training classroom bookings. The system manages room information, student reservations, reminders, equipment, attendance and booking authorizations.


Public Employee/Course view

  • Calendar view
  • Course view
  • Simple link from current Intranet system
  • iCal (Microsoft Exchange) calendar integration (email)


  • Course Request management
  • Request authorization via employees manager
  • Employee Course history listing

Attendance register

Employees can indicate their presence via an attendance register


  • Report on training per department per date range
  • Venue usage report
  • Course attendance report
  • Booking / attendance anomaly report
  • Equipment loss and damage report
  • Training reviews report


  • Send out confirmation emails
  • Print nametags
  • Manual adding of employee course bookings
  • User Management drawn from EduQuiz
  • Holiday administration (Fixed and variable)
  • Branch / Venue Management
  • Employee management drawn from EduQuiz
  • Departments can have cost codes assigned to them
  • Previous course / students information import


Calendar course calender Course Administration course administration
Booking form booking form