Search Engine Optimization
Intoweb has a unique approach to SEO and harnesses an unfair advantage.

Google Adwords
PPC stands for pay-per-click, it is a form of Google internet marketing, where a fee is paid for every ad that is clicked on.

Doodle Videos
Create quotations and invoices and manage all aspects of the selling process.


Social Media Marketing

Intoweb makes use of:

Intoweb offers various campaigns, namely:

  • Bronze Campaign: R2000+vat per month
    • One monthly Facebook competition per month, plus Facebook promotion of the campaign.
    • We will create one campaign per month based on topics related to your company
    • There will be a monthly prize like a book, or T-Shirt or dinner voucher.
    • The prize is included in the monthly fee, including postage costs to a winner (only in South Africa).
  • Silver Campaign: R5,000+vat per month, giving 8 hours per month
    • Typically includes: Two videos per month,
    • Two articles per month
    • Four marketing cards per month.
    • One competition (Bronze campaign)
  • Medium Business: R10,000+vat per month, giving 24 hours per month
    • Typically includes: Four videos per month
    • Four articles per month
    • Eight marketing cards per month.
    • One competition (Bronze campaign)
  • Large Business: R15,000+vat per month, giving 40 hours per month
    • Typically includes: Eight videos per month
    • Eight articles per month
    • Daily marketing cards
    • One competition (Bronze campaign)

The content is posted on the following platforms, and the platforms are taken care of.

  • Facebook campaign
  • Twitter campaign
  • YouTube campaign
  • Website updates



Our digital marketing strategy will include building an audience, providing value to the customer and connecting education to the brand to build its visibility and credibility.

Facebook provides the ability to target advertising to people within a specific demographic, age ratio and with specific interests. Facebook also allows you to integrate your business information within their platform and provides tons of authority to your company’s voice.

We harness a clear communication strategy where we will be communicating the companies value and educate prospective customers on how your company as a product will benefit their customer’s experiences.

We also use videos in communications, producing them in the form of tutorials and explainer videos. These have proven to perform really well and produce the desired interest level from customers.

We produce graphics in the form of tip cards that allow us to teach the client how to get the best from your products. These graphics are cleverly produced and are designed to evoke people to share the images.

This platform is also great to share third party content. We will be sharing content from the website which will be delivered in Facebook to drive people to the website.

Facebook community groups is also harnessed where people visit to help each other out. The strategy here is to have someone frequent these groups whose profile is positioned to provide a connection to the company and make its communication authentic.



This platform allows me to embed any brand within conversations happening online that targets a specific audience around their interests. I have been able to build a platform with thousands of die-hard fans but having meaningful conversations with users around THEIR INTERESTS and positioning the account and the brand as an influence.

I also love researching trends and map out interests of the people I want to build business relationships with by segmenting people that I follow into lists and communicating with them periodically.

Unlike Facebook, here hashtags allow for creative content creation around trends prove to really get great results. Along with the hashtag strategy, what serves really well is looking for keywords trending and creating content that could be embedded within these feeds. These trends usually don’t last very long, so it would be important to work quickly if this were to be effective.


This platform is the second biggest search engine online, possibly because it’s owned by Google. But what is exciting about this is that videos are ranked fairly quickly in search engines and could serve as a gateway to drive traffic to your website.

YouTube is a great platform to provide consistent content within a schedule. YouTube allows us to build authority and trust for a brand and the audience building through the subscription functions helps retain visitors. YouTube also has great analytics to read to see where visitors view videos from, on what devices and how long they are engaged. This also allows our customers to use this information in bettering their products.


Small Business Package: Two videos per month, and two weekly articles.

Medium Business Package: Four videos per month, and four weekly articles.

Large Business Package: Eight videos per month, and eight weekly articles.

Videos are also syndicated onto Facebook and YouTube. The added value of doing this, is all videos, podcasts and photos will be posted into the related article, giving it , more weight. These may take on different forms and may be packaged differently depending on the client, video types are:


Video animation advert

Used for advertising with various marketing objectives; like leads, sales and many other exciting things with which we can get you awareness.


Explainer videos

Animated or white board type doodle videos that do really well online, where we share tips, tricks and uses for your products. The objective is to educate, give value and establish trust in the product and brand.


Company stock video

It is expected for the client to provide some stock videos for Intoweb to use and edit.


Motivational and educational for-share images

These images would be related to this industry and would offer tips and benefits customers could get from using your products, motivational and inspiring words.


Industry Articles 

Articles are created within your industry about related topics that showcase the benefits of your products and services and interesting information around topics that surround your products and services. These articles are published onto the clients website, and snippets are posted of the articles onto Twitter and linked to the website, while Facebook has the facility to post these as “Instant Articles” onto your companies Facebook page timeline.



The website is also worked on each month in order to tweak the online experience in order Elements that would be found on the website. Depending on time available after Social Media work, the following are examples of some items we work on:

  • Call to action above the fold (to call or get info)

Above the fold' refers to all the web properties that you can see without scrolling the page. It's important for there to be a single call to action on each page so that the visitors know what to do if they have decided to do business with you.  That’s why as much relevant information the visitor may want should be available in this space.


  • Slider with services offered.


This ties in again with the concept of having content created and visible above the fold. Without scrolling down, the visitors can clearly see the main elements of your businesses offering and how you can help them.


  • Benefit tabs for preparation and application.


These tabs are generally selling points pointing out the benefits of a product or company. In this case we will draw the information from the website and present it in a different way so that the visitors can see the attention given to detail when PAINTDOCTORS attempt to work on a project. This will show your depth and professionalism and assist the client in better understanding the process involved BEFORE the actual painting is done.


  • Tabs link through to description pages.


With the above tabs drawing attention to the processes, the information in these sections will be limited, as the full content on the pages cannot be relayed on the front page. The solution to getting attention to the content is these tabs and then places a link below that will go through to the full content found on the website.


  • Testimonials


This has become a crucial element to establishing credibility to a company or product. What will be great here are testimonials from high ranking positioned individuals and well-known companies? We could place associated links onto it which from an SEO perspective will provide authority and credible association to the website. As part of the SEO strategy, we will also approach the companies you have worked for and suppliers for reciprocal links to the site.


  • Customer showcase.


This section is usually in banner format placed at the bottom of the website just above the footer. It’s function is to provide the recognizable logos of your customers so that people can associate you with them. The logos could be colour or greyed out and colour when you link to them.


  • Mobile responsive.


Because between 60-80 % of users are accessing apps and websites through their mobile devices, we thought it important that you would also be able to be used on the same platforms. Not only is this the future of communication, but it also gives you access.


  • Footer


The footer for your website would have all of the official links to official pages needed to protect users’ privacy, legal pages to protect you as a supplier and other mechanisms pertaining to Search Engine Optimization. The details of what would be featuring here are found in the section on ‘Suggested Pages in Footer’ below.


  • Home


This page is also called the ‘Landing Page’, where effectively a visitor that visits the ‘root’ addresses of your website (the normal address) will ‘land’ on. It will also display all the elements mentioned in the section above.


  • About


This page usually tells the story of the company to the visitor. It would use nostalgia, connect to the emotions and share the value of the company that visitors can identify and buy in to. This is also a great place to showcase key staff members of have a dropdown list of tabs focusing on those individuals.


  • Contact Us


This page has all the details on it with which a visitor may want to use to contact PAINTDOCTORS.  The more information is available on how to contact you, the better. Elements on this page would include; a Google map that is embedded from Google Maps allowing for intelligent scrolling and directions; a contact form with dropdown choices for the visitor which department he wants to communicate with; it would also include the office contact numbers and a fax to email number (provided and created for free)


  • Blog


Blogging and article writing is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. It utilities certain keyword to place your website and the content on it on prime placements within search engines where your customers may be searching for you. Below Search Engine Optimization is included and blogging forms a part of that strategy. Regular articles posted on your blog forms part of a content strategy that brings your visitors back regularly.


  • Search tab.


All good website designs have search boxes placed in the top header because it’s easy to find and serves part of the ‘Above the Fold’ strategy explained above. This way people can immediately search and find what they were looking for if they couldn’t find it right away. Some search functions also serves you a report so you can see what people were looking for on your website which serves as information that you can use to create new content with.


Official pages for the website footer


  • Disclaimer – This page is a legal document that absolves you from any legal responsibility that may arise from the use of the information on your website. This is a document that is best suited if it was drawn up by your lawyer, or a professional apt in online laws.
  • Privacy Policy – This is also a legal document and serves to inform visitors that their information would not be used for any other purpose than to communicate with them. It clearly stipulates that the information would not be sold to third parties and all information is protected from anyone that may want to use it or ill practices.
  • Terms and Conditions – This is another legal document that clearly stipulates the terms of service. This is especially handy to simply quote or refer to in email signatures and legal documents and quotes.
  • Sitemap – A sitemap will have in it every single link of pages, blog posts, tags authors and categories that could be found on the website. It allows savvy visitors to find their way, see the link trees and serves as s great tool for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Contact – This is a repeat link of the contact link in the primary menu at the top of the website. It is another point of reference to how people can get in contact with the company and is normal to be included here.
  • Social Icons – It’s important for us to link up to all the social media properties on which we communicate the companies value proposition on, because they serve as great tools to build community and create virility of the message we will be giving. Referring to the blog above, there will also feature social sharing buttons conducive to a great sharing experience and reaching a bigger audience.


Action Plan

The first month will be used solely to plan out the twelve-month digital strategy, this involves workshops and gathering of materials from the client, documentation of information about the client, and drawing up the twelve-month plan.

Terms and Conditions.

The strategy explained above is best if executed in a timeline of 12 months. This will allow for deep Search Engine rankings, visibility and an established brand. Please note that we develop a unique marketing strategy per client, and this document serves only as a guideline of the services Intoweb offers and does not mean all these services will be implemented, and is also heavily dependent on the number of hours available per month to implement the work.

Our Clients

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