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Customer Relationship Management can be the most challenging (and rewarding) aspect of any business regardless of which industry it may be in. Relationship Management approaches the customer as an individual entity and involves gathering pertinent information about spending habits, customer enquiries and how to keep the customer up to date with the companies developments and promotions. Intoweb design is a South African Information Technology company with 8 years experience and we offer three focus's for Customer Relationship Management:

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information
2. Analysing Web User Behaviour
3. Keeping Customers in the Know

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information

Storing Customer information into a database can be one of the most valuable forms of Customer Relationship Management. At Intoweb it is possible to develope a database containing detailed customer information that management and salespeople can reference in order to match customer needs with products, inform customers of service requirements. Generally the database connects to an intranet that personell in the company can access and generate reports from. The type of information inputed into the database varies with each companies needs. This is why Intoweb offers customisable intranet solutions.

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2. Analysing Web User Behaviour

Intoweb is one of the few companies in South Africa to effectively implement Search Engine Optimisation techniques to generate more website traffic. Our SEO solution offer the client various statistics on the web users that surf to your website. These statistics let one know the following:

  • How many visitors the website recieves every day and month (with a graphical representation).
  • Which pages are visited most frequestly.
  • What days of the month and hours of the day most user surf to your website.
  • Which country the users are surfing to your website from.
  • The average time, in seconds, that a user spends on a page.
  • What pages link back to your website (how the user found your website).
  • Which keywords the users most often use in a web search to get to your website (eg a keyword searched for on Google)
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3. Keeping the Customers in the Know

Once a company has gathered relevant data on its customers one still has to communicate with them. Intoweb has developed an Online Newsletter System that makes it possible to communicate to a whole database of clients. With our Newsletter system it is possible to compile different mailing lists to target specific customers for different news and promotions. Another complement to a good Customer Relationship Management strategy the effective and uptodate placement of promotions on ones website. Intoweb's design department works with the client to create dynamic and eyecatching designs of company promotions to ensure that they get the attension they deserve.

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Customer Relationship Management | Newsletter System| Website Analysis | CRM

Intoweb's customer relationship management help keep track of customer information, analyse web user behaviour and keeps the customer informed.

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