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The marketing services which Intoweb makes available are online marketing services which include the likes of web site marketing services and search engine marketing services. We as a company focus on the effective marketing of the websites we have created for our clients so that they will receieve the benefits of increased pubilicity for their company and thus an increase in business sales. Marketing is essential for any business to be successful as this activity is essential to make the consumer markets aware of a company or product which they otherwise would not have heard of. The marketing services in web site marketing and search engine marketing that's provided by Intoweb are for the advantage of our clients and the eventual success and promotion of their business. We concentrate on providing these marketing services as best we can because the success of your business online means the success of ours. Online marketing is slowly taking over the martketing world and with the use of Intoweb's marketing services, any company, organisation and individual can be reassured that they will be ahead of the pack in this regard.

Web Site Marketing Services

The services which Intoweb offers with regard to web site marketing includes online marketing newsletters, online promotions and the initial web site design. The objective of all of the above is to grab the attention of consumers through eyecatching visual graphics so that they will read further about that particular company and product. Web site design, online newsletters and online promotions are but a few of the web site marketing services which are made available through Intoweb, but they are the basic essentials. For more information click here.

Online Marketing Newsletters

A specialised marketing service which Intoweb offers to all clients is the placement of online newsletters on their websites. This is a web site marketing service which not only adds interactivity to a website but also provides regular up-to-date information about a company. An online newsletter has the capability to increase visitors to a web site.

An online newsletter can be viewed in its entirety once all news items and additional pictures have been added. Different address lists can be added to the database with the use of an address list system. This can include options such as as Sales, Clients and Board Memebers. E-mail addresses can be added and deleted fom these lists or even imported directtly from a text file into the system. What makes online newsletters a must when it comes to choosing a marketing services is that they can be emailed to a number of mailing lists. For more information click here.

Online Marketing Promotions

Another marketing service which aids in publicity and recognisability of a company is that of online promotions through the use of static and/or flash animations. Promotion updates are created by our web site design team in the form of eyecatching banner promotions in order to gain further publicity for a company through this web site marketing service. For more information on Promotional Services click here.

Search Engine Marketing Services

The search engine marketing services available through Intoweb is an essential marketing service in which every company must invest in order to get more visitors to their sites. Intoweb has a group of search engine specialists who have the abilities needed to incorporate the best solutions for search engine marketing into any web site. The functionality and adapability of search engine marketing services in effect is proof of its ability to aid in company success because these can be combined with any existing marketing strategy that a company implements. For more information click here.

The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

The core problem which many company owners experience in relation to their web site is not that they do not have a good web site but that they have not implemented the essential tools necessary for search engines and thus, potential consumers, to find them. It should therefore be added that approximately 70 to 80 percent of browers to any web site will come from results gathered by a search engine. Intoweb search engine marketing services include not only the application of effective and ethical techniques in ethical search engine optimisation but also the opportunity for Intoweb clients to view statistics of their website with regard to number of visitors, etc.

The number of times a keyword is used on a web page directly effects a site's optimisation, Intoweb's search engine marketing services aim to enhance every companys marketing strategy through:

  • the changing of the title and keywords according to the search engine specifications
  • copywriting the web site content to ensure maximum optimisation.

Web Site Marketing Services

By subscribing to our web site marketing services, a client will be well looked after and can be reassured that any necessary changes will be made according to their consent in order to make their web site a success story. Changes are not put live until approvement has been given on the part of the client; with the use of a dummy site.

Intoweb stands for the implementation of the best online marketing services to promote a company and product. As discussed above, our search engine marketing services are reliable and make for a good marketing service to invest in as it directly affects promotions and attempts to increase the flow of visitors to a web site. Our search engine marketing services benefit you in the following ways:

  • The cheapest form of advertising to the largest market - search engine marketing and online advertising
  • Direct advertising (people who see your site are probably looking for the particular type of product that your company supplies)
  • A leading edge on your competitors
  • Cutting edge technology, proving superior service
  • The opportunity of telling prospective clients about the value of doing business with your company, in a non-threatening environment. They can also instantly contact you via email (allowing you to "strike while the iron is still hot").

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