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Customer behaviour analysis is based on consumer buying behaviour, with the customer playing the three distinct roles of user, payer and buyer. Relationship marketing is an influential asset for customer behaviour analysis as it has a keen interest in the re-discovery of the true meaning of marketing through the re-affirmation of the importance of the customer or buyer. A greater importance is also placed on consumer retention, customer relationship management, personalisation, customisation and one-to-one marketing.

The concern of the majority of websites is no longer on the individual buyer but is now rather on collective or organisational buying behaviour. This helps in determining which customers are worth developing and managing by putting unique strategies in place in order to attract a certain type of visitor. And so through customer behavioural analysis accurate customer profiles can be generated by specifying needs and interests and allowing businesses to give customers what they want when they want it; leading to better customer satisfation and hence keeping them coming back for more.

Customers visit websites and leave behind valuable information about their behaviour. Customer behaviour analysis aims to ultimately improve business performance through an understanding of past and present customers so as to determine and identify future customers and their behaviour. It is therefore essential to mine large databases of customer behaviour information to understand historic behaviour and predict the likelihood of behaviour in the future in order to consequentially meet the needs and desires of potential customers. Furthermore, by carrying out an analysis in customer behaviour, a business can improve and revise their websites by increasing its returns on investment and potentially finding profit herethrough.

Behavioural segmentation is as such an activity performed as inclusively vital to the process of customer behavioural analysis.

Behavioural Segmentation

By segmenting the consumer markets according to their behavioural patterns, a company can target the acquisition and retention of highly profitable and potentially lucrative customers. The benefits of performing customer behavioural analysis can thus be listed as:

  • Gaining meaningful insight and actionable business intelligence at reasonable costs
  • It is now practical to develop extremely cost-effective and highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Businesses now focus on knowing their customers as real people with real needs and preferences, leading to better customer satisfaction and hence attraction
  • Behaviour is a stable element on which to base a website as it evolves slowly over time
  • Businesses stop throwing away money spent on marketing to the wrong customers as they can now known who their customers are and what they desire
  • Best point of contact for credible dialogue can be identified
  • Loyal customers cost less than acquiring new ones and are a great source of information to create new and innovative services
  • By knowing their customers, a business can be assured of the fact that they will always be kept ahead of their competition

The information obtained after customer behaviour analysis is performed allows businesses to gain insight into how their potential customers interact with their websites, what is working on their sites, and what is not. Customer-focused marketing is therefore essential as part of the activities performed to ensure the success of a website and this will be discussed in short.

Customer-Focused Marketing

All marketing is done with the customer in mind. Marketing can in fact be referred to as an on-going conversation occuring between business and customer. It is therefore necessary for businesses to gain in-depth knowledge of their relative customers so that the best marketing strategies can be employed in order to attract these potential buyers. This can effectively be done by performing activities such as customer behaviour analysis to ensure customer retention. Listed below are a number of tips to aid businesses striving towards customer retention through marketing efforts:

  1. Marketing as a Conversation:

    Direct interaction with customers is necessary to essentially find out what it is that they are wanting. This marketing conversation involves a process running from action - reaction - feedback - repeat. Businesses need to be willing to take the time to listen to their customers as this can ensure a business of putting something up for offer which is of great worth amongst their targeted consumers, and is relative to their particular needs and desires. It is required for businesses to constantly perform marketing promotion so that these customers will come back for more. Giving satisfaction to first-time buyers can prove effective for a business in the long-run for the reason that by giving customers what they desire the first time round, customer retention is encouraged through this form of customer loyalty.

  2. Active Customers:

    Making customers feel as though they are in control is an effective strategy in customer-focused marketing. This is done by transforming consumers into active customers who are given the ability to make choices for themselves by actively engaging in promotions and, hereby, deciding on the best possible products and services their money can buy. Customer retention is encouraged through this interaction with customers which aids in customer loyalty. Businesses need to make each and every one of their customers feel good about themselves by giving them something to do. Therefore, retaining customers means keeping them happy by keeping them active.

  3. Determining Future Customer Behaviour:

    This is most effectively done through an analysis of the actual behaviour of past and present customers. Actual behaviour needs to be differentiated from demographic behaviours (which are implied consumer characteristics). Actual behaviour is, as such, better at predicting the future which is done by keeping a watch over the actions customers perform with regard to online purchases and the products they purchase over the Internet.

  4. Allocating Resources for Marketing:

    B usinesses need to take their budget into consideration when allocating resources for promotions. It is well-known amongst businesses that some marketing activities will generate higher profits than others and data therefore needs to be created by interacting with customers in order to consequentially identify the most profitable promotions, which will be delivered to the right customer at the right time, without wasting time or money. Hereby, effective marketing means avoiding unprofitable promotion which will as such mean not reaching the right customers and wasting money.

What Can Intoweb Do For You?

Customer behaviour analysis forms a major part in the process of overall website analysis. Customer behaviour can be tracked on the Internet with the right Internet business solutions in place and therefore the variety of website analysis applications and software which is available enables Intoweb to detect important changes in potential customer value; which can then be applied to a new or existing website to help increase website success. Intoweb can with regard to customer behavioural analysis offer our clients the following:

  • Place emphasis on the ads, media and products creating long-term high potential value customers, while downplaying the ones that do not
  • Create high ROI marketing programs
  • Make more money selling to customers by driving higher sales while all the more reducing costs
  • Predict when your best customers are about to leave you and react with customer retention and save-a-customer programs
  • Quantify the effects of marketing and operational initiatives by linking them to a change in potential customer value

  • Plan and implement the most effective marketing campaigns for our clients with a top-down strategic focus
  • Target campaign activities to increase campaign velocity, flexibility, and return-on-investment
  • Optimise plans made to increase campaign velocity, flexibility and ROI
  • Learn by measuring campaign results and integrating new knowledge into refined strategies and future campaigns so that our services only get better over time
  • By performing web analytics, we are indeed known for our reliability and our capability to get the best desired results possible for each and everyon of our clients

More information can be obtained concerning the services which Intoweb has on offer by Contacting Us

Customer Behaviour Analysis | Website Analytics | Search Engine Optimisation Analysis

Customer behaviour analysis is based on consumer buying behaviour, with the customer playing the three distinct roles of user, payer and buyer.

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