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Intoweb Analytics offers comprehensive services for gathering and analysing data from visitors to your websites. This data is invaluable to understand and optimise the way visitors reach and navigate your websites.

Knowing how well your website is doing in the competitive online environment is integral to making it a success. Until now, companies had to be content with SEO analytics programmes that were limited in what they could offer. Intoweb Analytics does not stop at just visitor path analysis, keyword analysis or ranking, new and returning visitors or visitors who sent a contact form.

Know your visitors

Analysing the habits of visitors to your website can help determine how successful your website is in communicating its message. Intoweb Analytics offers a comprehensive analysis of visitors to your site in easy to understand formats with a variety of detail. Providing you with a quick overview or a detailed, visitor-by-visitor report.

At a glance

The bar graph supplies a quick overview of new visitors, visitors from South Africa, visitors pointed towards your site by Google and interested visitors (i.e. visitors who visited more than one or two pages of your website). The graphs are viewed per month so you can track the amount of visitors over a period of time.

By the numbers

For more precise numbers, Intoweb Analytics also displays the exact number of visitors that came to your website. The first column has the same categories as the bar graph and some additional ones:

AdWords Visitors

Those visitors that were pointed to your site by Google AdWords. Offers a more exact amount than provided by Google.

eNewsletter Visitors

Those visitors pointed to your site by your eNewsletters.

Returned Visitors

Those visitors that have been to your site but returned for more information or out of further interest.

The second column shows how many visitors were pointed to your website from your affiliates. A breakdown of visitors from specific affiliates is available so you know where your referred clients are coming from.

The final column lists the visitors that interacted with your website either by sending an email or filling in a response form. With these numbers, you will be able to know how effective your feedback methods are – rather whether or not visitors are actually using them.

Fine details

For the most precise information, however, Intoweb Analytics offers a record of each and every visitor to your website. The detailed analysis provides the time and date, domain, country, IP address, number of visits and the pages visited for each visitor to your site. Selecting a visitor allows you to see the path taken while visiting your website.

This allows for path analysis. This helps you determine if visitors are finding what they are looking for. When you know what visitors are looking for, you can change layouts or pages to make relevant information more accessible, or change the emphasis of your marketing strategy to more accurately target your visitors.

Analyse each page separately

Intoweb Analytics allows you to analyse each page in isolation. Page analysis allows you to review how many visitors have been to every page of your website. The pages are ranked from pages with the most visitors to least. This provides you with a holistic view of your website’s pages allowing you to see where the majority of the traffic on your site is concentrated.

Additionally, individual pages can be selected for a detailed SEO analysis. This report breaks down keywords use on the page and ranks the use of the keywords in the following areas:

  • page URL
  • page title
  • page description
  • keywords
  • key phrases

The ranks in each of these areas are used to determine an overall SEO rank of the page. Intoweb Analytics is useful tool to determine if the SEO of your pages has been done efficiently and effectively.

Find out what keywords work

Intoweb Analytics helps you keep track of the keywords visitors searched for to get to your site. . Keywords are amongst the most important components of SEO and you need to be sure that the keywords people are searching for reach the correct page on your website. Important to successful SEO is the effective use and distribution of keywords throughout the pages of your website.

The list is sorted according the number of pages a visitor browsed to on your site. The ‘Keywords’ column reveals the keywords that the visitor used on a search engine to get to your website. The ‘Page’ column shows what page the search engine pointed the visitor to for the given keywords.

This analysis is useful to learn some important facts. Firstly, the analysis reveals the keywords used by visitors to reach your site. With this knowledge, you can further enhance you site’s SEO by adding these words to the keywords that you associate with your site thereby increasing the chance of your site coming up in a search engine.

Secondly, the analysis reveals the page search engines point visitors towards for the given search terms. If the visitor reaches the wrong page then you are immediately aware of a problem in your website’s overall SEO, or the SEO of that particular page.

The information Intoweb Analytics provides with Keywords Analysis can be a substantial aid in increasing the visibility of your website on search engines.

Ensure your keywords rank well

Intoweb Analytics offers a tool to check if your chosen keywords are being effectively used and whether, or not, they are ranking your site on search engines like Google.

As described above, this SEO analysis examines the use of the chosen keyword in the page. Keyword Ranking generates a rating for the keyword on a page. This rating provides a standard of measurement for the use of chosen keywords on pages. This can alert you to pages that may need to be modified to be more effective.

Additionally, Intoweb Analytics also provides an indication of the Google rank of the page based on the chosen keywords. This rank is shown on a monthly basis allowing you to track the rank of pages over a period of time and to make changes where necessary to stay on top.

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