Intranet Development 

An Intranet is an internal computer network used to share information and other vital business elements within a company and also its resources. It allows for easy access and accurate information sharing. Intoweb has developed various Intranet modules to streamline your business - all in one easy to use Intranet system.

Intoweb is a leader in the online IT industry and we are Intranet specialists. We provide companies with world-wide communication systems facilitated by an Internet browser. Our Intranet modules includes functions to manage various aspects of your business including Finances, Human Resources, Client Management, Training Solutions and much more. Because Intoweb is always innovating and growing our modules, we are also more than happy to assist you with creating solutions designed according to the needs of your business.

We specialise in business automation and the implementation of online business processes such as process flow management, departmental management and reporting, collaboration, work flows, HR systems, Financial software and much more.

These modules are easily customised to suit the specific needs of your company. Specific customised modules can also be created to cater to the every need that your business may have. With the addition of custom-created pages, Intoweb will ensure that your Intranet not only reflects the character of your business, but also addresses the specific needs of your business.

Benefits of using our Intranet Solutions:

  • We offer customisable systems
  • One-on-One service level support
  • All our various modules can integrate with each other, your website and most other systems to allow for easy transitions and information sharing
  • The Intranet is placed on a live, secure server. This means it is always available to you, your employees and clients
  • Our modules have been built to the highest standards and are ready for use. This reduces development time and integration is quick and simple
  • You do not need to purchase the entire Intranet. You can choose the modules that you want to use
  • Our solutions cater for any business of any size. View some of our Development Clients

Our Intranet Category Range: