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Website Development Modules

Below you will find a range of various website modules that we have developed. We are always developing new products and solutions that can easily integrate into your website (extranet) or your Intranet. We also offer the opportunity to customize our products to suit the needs of your business.

Members Management

We have developed a system that manages your members from intitial application to payments. This also provides an online user interface where members can log into and manage their details and view information such as payment history and any secure information.

Some features include:

  • Security - full security is included allowing for different access levels
  • Membership Application - Complete online applications with online activation of the member
  • Membership Area - This area contains all information you want to display for your members only
  • Membership Login - The dashboard will display any additional secure information such as notices, events and payment notifications
  • Invoicing - Member invoices and statements can be generated

You have the option to either purchase the system or rent a hosted online online solution.


Events Management

Online Events Management allows you to display any events that are taking place in your company and allowing people to book for the event.

Some features include :

  • Restrict booking to certain groups for example: members only, public bookings, staff only
  • Choose if payment is required and if so, choose payment methods
  • Only confirm bookings when payment is received
  • Restrict number of places available for the event
  • Load information such as dates, categories, images, contact information and general event information


Recruitment Management

Intoweb's Recruitment Management module allows you to manage all aspects of your recruitment process including placing of adverts, skills assessment, interview scheduling and management of candidate applications.

Some features include:

  • Advertise available positions
  • Manage all applications
  • Arrange for interviews
  • Assessment compilation
  • Different user levels allow for access to various aspects of the recruitment system



A great way to interact with your website visitors is to have photo galleries. These galleries can include

  • Product images: People like to visualise something before they buy it. This is specifically important if you plan to sell your products online
  • Staff images: In our digital world, it is always nice to be able to associate the voice on the phone or the typist of e-mails with a face
  • Event photos: This is specifically nice if your business has a lot of public events

Some features include

  • Photos are stored in categories
  • Photos are resized automatically
  • Choose who can access the photos, for example: members only, staff only or public view.


Content Management System

The content management system allows the client to manage the content of your website. The content management system allows you to:

  • Create new pages
  • Modify, insert and delete text
  • Modify insert and delete images
  • Modify, insert and delete other media files such as flash movies
  • Upload documents
  • Link to other websites and documents
  • Access control to allow certain users to only update their respective pages or sections

Using a content management system is not only cost effective, but ensures that changes are done immediately and the way you want it done.

We do not need to redo your entire website to implement the content management system. Your existing website can be converted and placed inside the content management system. This will only require a repopulation of your website.


News and Press Releases

Intoweb has developed a News system that allows for easy updates of news that is displayed on your website. Normally a "News" block is displayed on your homepage and that is linked to a News page elsewhere on your website where the full news article is read.

Features include:

  • Homepage area for recent updates
  • News page containing all news items
  • Date stamp
  • Upload of text, images and documents



Management of Tenders can be a tedious process. Receiving a number of printed and electronic files once the submissions come in for a tender makes it difficult to contain all the information in one safe place.

The tender module allows you to manage your entire tender process starting from sending out a tender to choosing your supplier.

Some features include:

  • Upload a new tender request
  • Distribute the request through to the relevant parties
  • Save all submissions received
  • Flag applications in terms of relevance
  • Search applications received
  • Mark an application as the chosen supplier


Supplier Registration and Management

Intoweb's Supplier registration and management system allows you to organise information details of your suppliers.

Some of the features include:

  • Central storage of all supplier information
  • Follows the product chain from order requests to usage
  • Imports of large amounts of data using CSV files
  • Controlling the registration and verification process of suppliers
  • Good purchased records
  • General management of supplier relationships
  • Synchronization of supply and demand
  • Network system linking for budget control
  • User friendly interface
  • Customized for your needs


Tracking leads from Internet to CRM system

The Customer Relationship Management system is used to store information relating to current and possible customers. All leads are placed into the Customer Relationship Management system where you can keep track of follow up's made and general processes followed to ensure the lead is converted to a sale. This ensures that you are always aware of the customers that need to be followed up. Once the sale is made, the Customer Relationship Management system allows you to keep track of any outstanding money, possible additional products that can be sold and adding more leads to that customer.

Some features include:

  • Manage leads and convert them into sales
  • Full search facility
  • Keeps record of notes and other communications with the customer
  • Reporting for products, account managers, outstanding money and referrals
  • Client contact list for existing and potential clients
  • Import and export of client information


Tracking website usage

Intoweb's Website Marketing team is responsible for the tracking of website usage and statistics. The usage of your website is tracked using various different methods. We also provide services to increase the visits to your website. Based on the package you choose, we provide the following services:

  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization based on the keyphrases you choose
  • Ensure a high page rank on major search engines for the keyphrases chosen
  • Full keyphrase reports detailing the success of your keyphrases and analysis of keyphrases
  • Full traffic reports detailing your visits for the month and analysis of the traffic report
  • Content suggestions and possible modifications
  • Link building
  • Affiliate pages
  • Platform to load additional information for your company
  • Website analysis, services suggestions and new development updates
  • Management of your PPC/Adsense and Adwords campaigns
  • Management of your Social Media campaigns


Discussion forum

A forum is a platform most companies use to stay in touch with their clients and to ensure excellent service delivery. Forums can also be expanded to allow you clients to talk to each other, whether allowing it publically or keeping it reserved for your members only.

Forums provide an excellent communication system where clients can rant and rave and about your product, service or other matters relating to you. You then have the option to respond to these posts. Your clients can ask each other questions about products, how to use it, which product they think is best. This can lead to an excellent selling tool where referral is the key.

Forums can be difficult to manage in that you can't control what people write about you, your business, products or services. However, it does give you the option to defend yourself and explain your reasons where other users can then also see what you have written. Prompt responses on Forums is the key here. Lacking in response may lead to an image of bad service delivery.


Polls and Surveys

Polls and Surveys are excellent tools to keep in touch with your clients, staff and the general public. The polls and surveys system can be installed on your website or on your Intranet depending on your needs.

Uses, features and options:

  • Create pop quizzes for students, staff and site visitors
  • Gather information members or staff relating to events. For example, find out which date or time would suit them
  • Run polls for staff to determine their job satisfaction levels ranging from general surroundings, software or hardware requirements and career aspirations
  • Find out which of your products your clients like the most or least
  • Find out which of your services need to be improved


Social Websites Integration

Social media has taken the world by storm. What was first aimed as a general communication tool for people to interact with other people has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Social media allows you to reach many clients - potential and existing through an inexpensive platform, proving to be a profitable and easy method of interaction. There are various communication platforms that can be used, depending on the services and products offered.

These range from simple blogging and micro blogging using Twitter or Google Buzz to complete Social networking using Facebook and MySpace. Multimedia platforms also exist such as YouTube for videos or Flickr for photos.

Of course there are many more. Interaction with many of the social websites, creation of content, be it video, image or expertise, on a monthly on-going basis will quickly develop any brand, and enable people to understand their offerings. Intoweb will, along with the client, facilitate all the social media. We will suggest the best platforms that would suit your company.


RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a feed designed to keep users informed of what is happening in your company and industry. It can feed blog entries, news, video and audio. When an RSS feed is placed on your website or other online platform it can be read through the browser. However, users can also subscribe to your feed. This means that whenever there is an update, they will receive it wherever they have set up the feed. Most e-mail programs have the ability to read RSS feeds, thus, if the user has set up their RSS feed on the email program, an e-mail will be received containing the latest items.

There are also RSS readers available either for desktop or online usage. Subscribing to news feeds is very useful, it allows your users to avoid having to visit your website every time to search for new items and if the news you post is interesting, it keep interaction open between you and your users.


Bulk messaging via SMS and E-mail

Keeping in touch with your clients is one of the most important aspects of a business. You want to be able to inform them of recent news, new products, specials and any other changes in your company. Sending an individual sms or e-mail to each of your clients is such a waste of time that most companies don't do it, but there is a way to send your news to all of your clients with only a few clicks. Bulking messaging via sms and e-mail is a revolutionary method of keeping in touch.

Intoweb uses a variety of systems to allow for these functions. You can choose to either purchase the system, rent the system or use Intoweb on an ad hoc basis to perform these actions for you. All we would require is your list of contacts. When using bulk e-mailing, we will also assits you in designing a Newsletter template that will be displayed when the subscribers view the newsletters.

An area is placed on your website where users can subscribe to your newsletters or bulk sms facilities. This allows you to build your client communication list.




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