About Intoweb

Intoweb has been the leader in website design and development industry since 1999. In an industry where many companies have short lifespans, Intoweb has not only survived, but has flourished and grown into one of the market leaders, specialising in Website Marketing and Intranet Development

Intoweb's CEO, Darren Harris, has over ten years experience in running a company in the volatile IT industry and vast knowledge of a great number of different technologies. He has worked extensively with these technologies and has also offered lectures in many of them. Darren has over 15 employees under his guidance at Intoweb’s office in Kyalami.

Intoweb's focus is on using web-based technologies to market businesses and to optimise business practices. Whether through website design, intranet development or web-based marketing solutions, we open the possibilities of the web to any business.

Our clients include a number of government and private businesses including: South African Football Association, Investec Bank, Cadac, Ernest & Young, Porsche, Gauteng Tourist Agency, The National Library, CSIR and many more.

Our experienced web development team can create an extranet for your business that will stand out from the rest.

Intoweb offers specialised and customisable Intranet modules that fully integrate with one another. They are designed to contain a range of features, customisability and security. To ensure that your business gets the full benefit, we also offer training in the installed modules.

Online Advertising ensures that your website makes a mark on the Internet and that it stands out amongst the thousands of others online.

Intoweb also offers training in the form of a number of online courses.

At Intoweb, our people are dedicated to ensuring that you, the client, get the service that you deserve.

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