Intoweb's Services

Intoweb has earned a well deserved reputation of being leaders in the online industry in different capacities. While we focus mainly on Website Marketing, Intranet Development, Website Development and Online Courses, we want to make it easy for our clients to have all their necessary services in one place. Thus, we offer the following services to our clients to compliment our core functions.

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Website Marketing

Intoweb specializes in website marketing in South Africa. We focus on Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords. Our website marketing packages and services are well designed and suited for any size business, any website and any budget.

Development Services

Intoweb Business Solutions focuses on all forms of development focusing on website and Intranet development. Our development modules are formulated to ensure your business is streamlined. We offer financial, human resource, management and other Intranet modules. Our modules are designed to integrated with your website. Website modules such as products, client systems and forms are also easily integrated to your Intranet. This offers you a comprehensive solution between your business and website functions.

Domain Registration and Management

Before you design your website or talk about hosting it, you will need to register a domain. This is the name you want your website to have - for example: or Before it can be registered, we have to ensure that the domain is in fact available. Registration of domains takes place via a 3rd party and we do everything for you.

Most domains also have to be renewed every year. For your convenience, we invoice or debit your account monthly to ensure that we automatically register the domain every year avoiding a possible problem of losing your domain.

E-mail Management

You have your website and domain up and running, now your clients need to get hold of you. We offer an unlimited amount of e-mail addresses at only R10.00 per month per address.

Please note though that the only way we can manage your e-mails for you is if we also manage your domain. If you already have your domains and e-mails managed elsewhere, we can easily assist you in moving it over.

Website Hosting

Now that you have your website design and your domain registered, you will need to get it on the Internet. Intoweb offers excellent hosting services. If, however, your website is already hosted elsewhere, contact us to arrange for a website transfer.

Website Changes

Have you recently made changes to your company structure, have a few new pictures or different products and services. The Changes Department has extensive experience with different website platforms and will gladly assist you in making the necessary changes to your website.

Changes are quoted based on what is required and how long it will take the team to complete. Please note that if you do not host your website with us, we will require administrive access to your website in either FTP or control panel form.

We can do the following for you:

  • Make basic design changes such as picture or menu changes. In some cases we can also do layout changes. Please note that we may need original design files if extensive changes are required
  • Text and content changes. Any information contained within your "design shell" can be adjusted by us. We can upload documents and images as well.
  • Convert your website to use a Content Management System which will allow you to manage your own website.

Copywriting Services

Content Writing
If you're unsure about how to present your content on your website or how you can make the content Search Engine friendly, we can provide this service for you

Article Writing
If you have your website in place, but you just need a little extra information on a regular basis, we can write articles for your website

Conference Facilitation

Intoweb offers speakers for conferences and from time to time its hosts their own conferences for the following topics: Intranet Mastery Design, Website Marketing, Social Media, Corporate Communication, Person Assistant Mastery, Branding, among other topics.