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Every company needs some form of Online Advertising to advertise their website on the Internet. By simply choosing domain and creating a brilliant website design, you are not guaranteed that your website will rank high or be visible in search engines. By doing some form of website marketing, you are increasing your changes of gaining exposure which will lead to increased website visitors and of course more sales.

This section will give you some insight into the world of website marketing, the various techniques available as well as general information about search engines.

Online Advertising Methods – Organic SEO

Online Advertising Methods – Organic SEO
Like any other form of marketing, online advertising methods can vary depending on your needs, budget, market and location. Through the years, many different techniques have been tried and tested and a few stand out as the preferred and most asked about methods.

Why Online Advertising is essential to your business Why Online Advertising is essential to your business
In today’s market, where electronic communication and information is the norm, it is essential to ensure you keep up with advertising and marketing trends. Because almost everything is search for and found online, online advertising should be one of your main marketing mediums.
Online Marketing Specialist Online Marketing Specialist
Most businesses are beginning to realise that online marketing is not only the cheapest and most effective way to reach potential customers, it is also becoming too significant to be ignored.
Integral Search Engine Marketing Integral Search Engine Marketing
Building up a world class appealing and attractive website may help create the first impression about you but may not be enough to help generate the necessary business for you. This is one of the many reasons why you need to implement various web techniques and online marketing strategies to help you enhance your online brand visibility.
Search Engine Marketing Company - Helping your Business Search Engine Marketing Company - Helping your Business
Most companies have invested in having an Internet presence and may have even spent the money on having the website professionally designed. However, a website address and professional design are not all that you need to start turning your website into the powerful marketing tool it was meant to be.
New Google Search Tools New Google Search Tools
Have you noticed the recent change in Google's search? Have you "lost your way" and can't seem to find the options you previously had when you search for items in South Africa? There was nothing in the left column of my search results on Google. We often look there to change my location or the time frame of search results.
Google Results Page for Beginners Google Results Page for Beginners
Finding your way around the Google Search page. What is on the page? Where are the organic results? Where are the Paid results? Most importantly, how and where do I find information relevant to my location.
Top Benefits of Web Marketing Top Benefits of Web Marketing
The Internet has changed the way people market their products. Although advertisements using traditional media (television, radio, print) continue to be effective, more and more people and companies prefer web marketing because this method is much cheaper and has a much bigger scope.
Choosing Online Advertising Strategies Choosing Online Advertising Strategies
Choosing the best online advertising campaign is all about finding the right advertising for your audience. Although it might seem that broad and popular advertising is the best way to go for any business, small and targeted campaigns are often better online. Market research can reveal where the best online advertising campaign for a particular business or object might be targeted and sometimes even how to best reach that customer base.
What does bounce rate mean in Google Analytics? Google Analytics - Bounce Rate
If you've looked into your website statistics using a tool like Google Analytics, you've almost certainly come across the words 'Bounce Rate'. What does bounce rate mean?
Targeted Online Advertising Targeted Online Advertising
Targeted online advertising is an approach to advertising and marketing in an online environment with an eye toward connecting with specific markets or groups of consumers. Like most types of differentiated marketing, the idea is to determine which approaches to online advertising will make it possible to reach the right consumers and increase the possibility of generating sales revenue.
Internet Marketing Strategies Internet Marketing Strategies
The ads we are talking about are the text only ads which appear at the top and to the side of the search results pages in Google. They may also appear in other places, including on mobile phones and some of Google's partner advertising networks. This is controlled by the options you select in your AdWords account.
How Search Engines Work How Search Engines Work
Imagine you have a business and you are just starting but you don't know how to promote it and you are rather afraid to spend a big sum of money to pay advertisers, what will you do? Don't worry since there is a solution to that, Google AdWords.
Combining Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Combining Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
Using Google AdWords for the first time will introduce you to some new terminology. Here are a few of the most commonly used AdWords terms.
Pay Per Click advertising management is a business strategy that marketing professionals use to maximise the efficacy and profitability of Pay Per Click ads on the Internet. Management usually involves everything from selecting and bidding on keywords to monitoring profitability and traffic patterns over time.
Search Engine Traffic Search Engine Traffic
There are many different online advertising formats, including banners, ads that look like website content, and video ads. Banner ads are like billboards of the offline world - they are traditional and effective methods of advertising that most people expect to see. Ads disguised as website content can be misleading, especially for people unfamiliar with the Internet.
Search Engines Search Engines
The whole concept behind pay per click search engines is that advertisers pay each time a person clicks on the company's listing. Since pay per click search engines are in the business to make money, they generally offer higher or more prominent placement to advertisers who pay more per click.
Bing's Webmaster Tools Bing's Webmaster Tools
Using Google AdWords for the first time will introduce you to some new terminology. Here are a few of the most commonly used AdWords terms.




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