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Choosing a reputable and trustworthy agency can be difficult. Below some reasons why we believe Intoweb should be your first and only choice. But don't just take our word for it. See what others have to say about us.
  • Above all, we provide excellent client service
    • We are available via e-mail, phone or even Skype
    • We strive to return e-mails, phone calls and message within 1 hour (during work time) or first thing on the first working day
    • Changes to websites generally have a 12 hour turn around time depending on the changes. Urgent changes are tended to immediately
  • We have been successful in the Internet Marketing industry since 1998.
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We never promise what we can't deliver
  • Our Online Advertising packages have been specifically designed for the marketing industry based on what works. We do not offer services that will have no benefit to you
  • Our Online Advertising packages are affordable and any size business can benefit from it
  • We are completely open about what we do on your site as well as the work we do offsite
  • We are transparent about your results, offering you full access to review your statistics via Google Analytics and other resources
  • We offer factual information - our information can always be backed by reliable resources
  • We keep up to date with Online Marketing trends, algorithm updates & general industry related information
  • We relay necessary information to you
  • Our core focus is Internet Marketing - our attention is not divided by other services. Each department has their own focus
  • We can assist with other Internet Marketing Services including Search Engine Optimization, Google Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing. This means that you have one company maintaining your entire online profile for you.
  • Our value added services also means that your website hosting, website changes, email management and domain managed is all under one roof
  • We can also assist with Website Development as well as business Intranet Development

Intoweb's Adwords Agency Review

Intoweb has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years, constantly bringing our clients excellent package offers, high standards and providing above average customer service. Your success is our success and because of that we strive to exceed every expectation you may have.

We recently received an excellent review from Mitch Webb regarding our services. Mitch is an employee of Google (ZA Jumpstart Team), working with agencies in South Africa and offering support when necessary to further improve the quality of our service to you.

"Every once in a while I go through my agency accounts and give them a quick review based on their Adwords performance. It's all down to my own judgment as a client manager, so it really doesn't represent the opinion of Google - I just find it enhances my service and lets people know where I think they stand in terms of their expertise.

So far, I think Intoweb is a very good and solid agency, despite our relationship being new having seen only a limited number of accounts. And because of that - I don't have much to say... yet.

I think at this stage your own advertising strategies are quite strong and from a professional standpoint you're offering your customers the right amount of SEO service for their money. The limitations on your packages are new for me - most people sell by the ad group - but after going over your account builds I don't think you're hindering the performance of your clients in any way.

So that's good.

As you know, I can only give full support to individual accounts for a 30 day period (roughly). Because of this, a lot of my private and direct clients find they're left without an account manager when my service period is over and I'm always on the lookout to recommend the good ones to agencies I'm confident they'd be happy to work with. Now, after reviewing others and finally coming to you, I think I'd be happy recommending Intoweb to my former accounts.

That being said, keep up the good work and remember I'm here for full circle assistance with your agency and account builds"

From our Clients

"Just want to say I like the service you guys deliver for my company, you take the time to try improve our rankings. This does not go without notice."

"Very Helpful"

"Fantastic to deal with, always willing to assist and is totally professional."

"They know their stuff and are always willing to accommodate requests and suggestions."

"Excellent and very efficient."

"We as a company signed up for Intoweb's Corporate SEO Package in December 2011, coming from another so called SEO specialist. Having seriously lost faith in all that spells "IT" and costing me a small fortune getting everything on our website working again, it was like a fresh breeze dealing with Intoweb. Never too busy / too tired / too whatever to be of assistance. Always ready with answers and workable solutions, and believe you me – I am a high maintenance client seldom 100% satisfied. I am always late and then everybody else has to jump to get everything ready for me because I usually want things done “yesterday”. Still Intoweb manages to outwit / surprise me every time, being faster than what I generally expected."

"Great service and friendly. Always helpful."

"Service and knowledge has been excellent thus far and we have had great results, we have already recommended Intoweb to someone else."

"Excellent Quality"

"Your work so far has been fantastic. Thank you"


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