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Search Engines are constantly evolving and making changes to their algorithms to ensure that they offer the best results to their clients. For this reason, it is important that SEO Agencies stay up to date with recent changes but most importantly follow the guidelines that provided. "Breaking the rules" of a search engine can results in removal of websites from the search engine's index and penalized websites can often take months to recover.

This section will give you some insight into search engines, search engine optimization and best practices.

Online Advertising Methods – Organic SEO Online Advertising Methods – Organic SEO
Like any other form of marketing, online advertising methods can vary depending on your needs, budget, market and location. Through the years, many different techniques have been tried and tested and a few stand out as the preferred and most asked about methods.
Balancing SEO with Readability Balancing SEO with Readability
Life is a balancing act. We hear about balanced budgets in the news, a balanced diet from our doctor and there’s a ton of other forces which require balance in our everyday lives. Even the plots of familiar fairy tales are based on finding the right balance.
Search Engine Optimization Specialists Search Engine Optimization Specialists
Search engine optimisation may sound frightening and intimidating until you become one of the few search engine optimisation specialists. Keep in mind; it is just an additional internet marketing process with a learning curve requiring some dedication and commitment.
SEO can increase competition SEO can increase competition
Search engine optimisation can be used for creating healthy competition in the market. These days, people are using internet to find the product and services that will fit into their pocket. Due to this reason different companies are using internet to promote their product and services.
SEO services to avoid SEO services to avoid
Online marketing has opened the new gates for SEO services provider to mushroom in the web offering several services related optimization. However most of them deliver unsatisfactory results wherein buyers should avoid.
Reasons Why SEO Is Still Important Reasons Why SEO Is Still Important
SEO is alive and well and although some people may still struggle to describe what exactly it does or even what it stands for (Search Engine Optimisation) its importance in modern day business is still high. Disgruntled webmasters who lost money on failed strategies may well deride its purpose but the key to a successful SEO strategy is in its adaptability.
Organic SEO Organic SEO
Organic search results are free in that you don't have to pay the search engine for inclusion of your website's name into their search results. This is contrary to paid services like pay per click advertising, Google AdWords, etc.
SEO Methods SEO Methods - White, gray, black
There is a wide range of methods that can be used to increase the ratings and rankings of your website. Not all of these are ethical methods and careful consideration should be given when choosing a SEO agency.
SEO Services SEO Services for Your Small Business
An effective and expert SEO service is the most essential component which has the power to provide your business website with the kind of visibility you have always dreamt of. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, and is an internet marketing strategy which involves specialised techniques to place your business website higher in the organic ranking.
What is Canonicalization? What is Canonicalization?
Canonicalization is basically a highfalutin term that means "authoritative source" - canonicalization is an SEO-relevant term that refers to the process of ensuring that all of the pages available on your website only ever reside on single, canonical URL.
Importance of Search Engine Marketing The Importance of Search Engine Marketing - SEM
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is best known by its most popular discipline: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Before a company optimises its web content, though, it must understand its online market space in terms of its products or services, target audience, and competition.
Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogs and SEO
Blogs have gotten to be a great tool for a number of things. You can share your thoughts and get instant response and also you can use your blog as a SEO tool.
Organic Search Organic Search
An organic search, also called a natural search, refers to the use of Internet search engines to locate desired information on a particular subject or to find answers to specific questions on a topic.
SERP Definition - Search Engine Results Page SERP - The Defination
If you’re interested in making money online, it’s absolutely crucial that you understand the importance of a SERP. Also known as a search engine results page, a SERP is the webpage a search engine such as Google generates when a user searches for a particular term.
Good Web Design and SEO SEO and Website Development
Many internet marketing companies, specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), initially didn't intend to provide a comprehensive website development services. Most of them, however, quickly realized that a majority of the search engine optimization clients suffered from problems in their websites that actually originated from improper web development.
SEO Shortcuts and Penguin SEO Shortcuts and Penguin
Many web masters consider themselves as smarter than search engine crawlers as they try to use shortcuts to achieve good search engine placement for their clients.
SEO Tips SEO Tips
Trying to understand search engine optimisation can be confusing and daunting. Whether you're a new or seasoned business owner there are some basic techniques you should know to make sure your website is completely optimised.
Finding an Ethical SEO Company Finding an Ethical SEO Company
If you require professional assistance with search engine optimization, it is important to hire a company that offers ethical SEO services. Before you hire anyone, it's a smart idea to conduct some research on them.
Good Web Design and SEO Good Web Design and SEO
Often practised by different departments of a company, web design and SEO can sometimes seem like two different separate processes - developers will create websites, with SEOs taking that site and optimising it via content and link-building.
The benefit of SEO copywriting for your website The benefit of SEO copywriting for your website
SEO copy - whether it's for website copy, an article or press release - is written to work well with search engines. This means it has to contain specific keywords that your users will type into a search engine that will bring up your site.
Importance of Anchor Text in SEO Anchor Text
Anchor text, sometimes referred to as clickable text, is an important part of a hyperlink-coding that connects an image or words to another webpage or part of a page.
Do you need a SEO Expert? Do I Need a Search Engine Optimization Expert?
Just about everyone who wants to drive traffic to a website knows the important of structuring the text and descriptions of the site using keyword optimization.
Importance of Page Quality in SEO Page Quality
Page quality refers to a rating system for website pages on the World Wide Web. It is initiative that began on the Internet in 2006. The ratings are on a one to five scale.
What to avoid when choosing a SEO agency What to avoid when choosing a SEO Agency
Choosing an agency to ensure that you have good rankings, while still using only ethical methods to gain these rankings can be difficult.
Cost effective SEO packages Cost Effective SEO Packages
SEO marketing services for the small, medium and large business owner.
Do your own SEO Do It Yourself Organic SEO
Do your own SEO - make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what SEO is, get to know the most used terminology and what they mean such as SEM, SMM, SERP’S and Google PageRank.
Google Optimisation - Page Factors Google Optimisation – Page Factors
While you are trying to optimise your site so that it can rank better for certain keywords in Google, there are a few very ...
What is Google Panda What is Google Panda?
In 2011 the search algorithm used by Google to improve search results was changed and Google Panda refers to this change.
What Google Panda Means to you What Google's Panda means to you
The Google Panda update is a game changer in terms of search and website ranking. The last time Google updated their search algorithm this much was back in 2007...
Spending too much on PPC Spending Too Much on PPC?
You have an on-going PPC campaign running, but is now starting to question the amount of money you spend on online marketing. Or maybe you would like to cut a bit of your costs without losing your online marketing clients.
Ranking in Google How to Rank in Google
To rank high in Google requires detailed attention to giving Google what it wants. The process is referred to as search engine ...
SEO Companies - Are you getting what you pay for? SEO Companies - Are you getting what you pay for?
Search Engine Marketing companies are plenty, but how do you "the client" know that you are getting what you are paying for?
Analysing your competition in SEO Competitor Analysis
Online competitor analysis is used to judge how well a competing website is doing, but there are various ways of checking a website’s quality and success.
Conversion Rate in SEO Conversion Rates
You have painstakingly crafted a killer website, written content worthy to be called the king, and effectively leveraged search engine marketing to drive a substantial amount of visitors to your website.
SEO Keyphrase analysis Keyword Analytics
Keyword analytics is the study of particular keywords and how they direct traffic to a website. Using keyword analytics allows a website developer to choose the best keywords for a particular website...
SEO Services - What are you paying for SEO Services - What Are You Really Paying For?
Paying for SEO services that are only tracking your website stats is not worth it. But seeing the results of SEO work being ...
Top SEO Companies Top SEO Companies
If you do not know a thing or two about SEO, you can always check out what SEO companies have to offer. These are the companies ...
Why SEO Campaigns Fail Why SEO Campaigns Fail
Common organic SEO mistakes and SEO tips to make a success of your internet marketing campaign.




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