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Intoweb is a supplier of online business software, for small through to mega companies. Do you need an online efficient and streamlined approach in your business processes and everyday business functions? Do you need online training applications for staff or students? Do you need an online business software solution that you can customise to your company's needs?
Intoweb provides online business software, intranet software design and Intranet off-the-shelf modules and SAAS (software as a service) options as an online intranet solution for small, medium and corporate businesses. Intoweb online solutions provide clients with a unique Intranet experience that actually is conducive for both employee buy-in and is a tool that makes employees and projects more efficient.

Improve business communication, flow, recording and efficiency in your company with online intranet software, manage documents, staff and clients, and access the intranet worldwide via the internet. Used as standalone or combined modules, the Intranet software and Software as a Service solutions are user friendly and efficient.
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Learner Management Software

Intowebs Learner Management Systems features a College version and Corporate version, enabling management of all students or employees in their learning journey through various academic or corporate programmes.

The College version manages all students demographic and online registration process. Using various different modules, Intoweb can provide a customised Learner Management system tailing exactly to your needs, from courses to finances to registrations.

The Corporate version of LMS online business software allows for importing of employees and linking them to an eLearning programme or induction. Employees can request for courses and access a library of eLearning material.

The following Intoweb online Edu modules are available as parts of the Edu Intranet:

Human Resources Software

The Human Resources software modules allow employees to update their details with a self service HR platform, apply for leave and see leave status, complete their appraisal forms and get feedback, see their skills development plan and access online learning and induction courses, access policies and procedures and digitally sign acceptance thereof. For pricing or a demo of the HR business software please contact us. Support and training for the Intoweb software:is provided.

The HR business software modules allows the assessment of employees competencies and find skill gaps and implement step up projects, booking of resources like boardrooms, keep tabs on employee attendance, which integrated with leave can inform employees to fill out leave forms for days without attendance and help management keep control over attendance, develop employee personal development plans and link in with the Learner Management modules, manage internal recruitment and automatically publish to your website and build your own database of candidates and manage their applications, and record employee incidents and disciplinary process.
The following Intoweb online HR intranet modules are available:

Intranet Software Modules

Intowebs Intranet and Extranet online business software systems allow for efficient management of company information and processes. The Intranet solutions are customisable to suit clients exact Management needs.

The Intranet Software allows a company to show CEO messages, news, notices, polls, departmental information, and any other information. An online searchable knowledge management system allows for efficient finding of information and finding people to answer employees questions.

The system can handle incoming requests, online forms and complex process flows including integration to other systems, calendaring, bookings, generating emails, generating PDF documents, quotations, invoices, document verifications, meeting preparation, and a lot more. Facebook type forums on the intranet provide the latest in collaborative thinking software to get the most out of your employees.

Our latest Membership intranet modules include:

Financial Software

Intoweb's online financial intranet modules allow the whole company to easily participate in financial operations, such as a request for procurement, or creation of requisitions, or inputting of claims. The financial department can then effectively communicate with the rest of the company and keep each department informed of all requests via their process and status.

Convert your paper based and Excel based financial activities to a more efficient online Intranet platform. Time saved can be massive and process flow management ensure quality, retaining data integrity and complete audit trails.

Various online financial modules can complement your Intranet as follows:







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