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Intoweb Business creates Intranet systems, Learner Systems, online business applications and Software as a Service applications.Since  1997 Intoweb Business has been creating intranets and business online software as a department of Intoweb Design and became its own company in 2007.

Our aim is to help companies, small and large to improve their business and processes by using  an online platform.

Online business software applications

Intoweb business has designed applications such as process flow management, departmental management & reporting, collaboration, workflows, Human Resources, Financial software, offering online software systems (modules) for small to large type companies. The online software can be used as standalone modules, or as part of a greater intranet specific to your company needs. Intranet Modules are linked together to complement the solution  The Intranet moduleualr based software improves productivity of companies by streamlining processes, recording and creating easy- to-use software to do the paperwork. Colourful graphical interfaces have been developed to make the system pleasant to use. 

Each Intranet module can be a standalone system or integrate with all of the other Intranet modules on the system. For example, leave management can integrate with Human Resources and Payroll. Modules can be added at any time as needed, and it is not necessary to buy an Intranet complete with all modules.

The Business Analysts of Intoweb specialises in spending time with our clients and getting a thorough understanding of how the inner workings of their companies work. From financial systems to HR solutions and in-house training systems. Once a good understanding has been reached of how the company operates, Intoweb will bring forth a proposal of the business analysis that was done and work with the company in improving systems and automating processes to ensure optimum functionality and productivity within the company.

A full range of Intranet products have been developed for clients based on different company needs and installed at some of our corporate clients. In some cases, a full company analysis of the inner company workings have been conducted and based on the results of the analysis, software was built to suit the particular company needs. There has been Intranets, Product store applications, Integration Systems, Training Systems, Sports Management Systems, Financial Systems, Payroll Systems, Consulting and much more.

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