South African Bureau of Standards

Analysed the business process of selling their products, both on their website and in stores. An analysis of the types of products and what additional products could be added to their product portfolio. An analysis of capacity and resources and the best-of-breed technologies to be used. Development of a plan for improvement, including all processes from financial to informational to sales to printing and production. After the analysis and solution phase, we implemented the solution. Time: 1.5 years.



South African Football Association

Analysed their financial payment and procurement processes, as well as their resources and critical path analysis of financial urgencies. Analysis of resources, financial verification processes, financial management processes, financial tools used, and financial audit requirements (and suggestions from auditors). Development of a business plan for improvement of financial management and processes. Implementation of electronic systems to carry out the business plan, including continuous weekly meetings to check processes and tweak the processes according to requirements.

South African Football Association

Analysed their sports management requirements, visiting all 52 South African regions to workshop provincial and regional needs, including training regions on a new electronic regional management system. Analysis of the business processes of the referee department, competitions department, legal department, HR department, event management department, and coaches department. Development of a phased plan for implementation of a management system. Development of said system. Time: 2 years, still on-going.


Company-wide investigation of all application processes. Advice on how to improve processes. Implementation of a solution for digitising each process, so that each process can be better managed and reported on.

Investec Bank

Requirements included the development of a business process for the training of staff in the use of Novell solutions. A unique approach to e-learning was designed and developed. This approach to e-learning has subsequently been sold internationally by us.


Helped with the development of the business case for a system to monitor and manage professional CPD points, which professionals in South Africa are required to obtain when going on training to keep their knowledge in their profession up to date. The project focused on medical personnel. The business plan was then implemented with an electronic management solution.

Tau Mining

Analysis of employee records, the retrieval of records, the obtaining of lost records, and the recording of information not on file for all employees. An electronic system was designed to be used as a repository of employee records, incidents, and medical information.

Hernic Ferochrome Mine

Analysis of information management, including information access for white-collar and blue-collar workers. Development of an information distribution and management plan for information, including standards documents, health and safety documentation, and their management and review processes.

Momentum Group

Analysed assessment and training needs for employees. Deployed the Intoweb assessment and LMS solution. Busy with multi-branch analysis, inter-branch assessment, and training rollout. Busy with employee skill development planning and reporting. 5000 employees.


Analysis of internal HR management and student management. Deployment of Intoweb HR suite and Contact Management System.

African Sky

Marketing analysis for business sales. Solution developed for online marketing. Solution implemented.

Palace Group

Requirement of HR, leave, communication, document management and event picture management. Analysis of integration between VIP Payroll , Pastel and Intoweb Intranet. Solution developed and deployed.


Analysis of incoming requests for management by the IT department. Presentation of a solution to time manage requests, auto-escalate requests, and prioritise requests in three levels that each have five levels of gravity.


Analysis of incoming requests for management by the IT department. Presentation of a solution to time manage requests, auto-escalate requests, and prioritise requests in three levels that each have five levels of gravity.

Institute of Security Studies

Analysis of group communication between different countries, presentation, and development of a group-auto-replicating collaboration system due to some countries' low bandwidth. The solution was installed in all ISS countries.

ELB Group

Analysis of the complete processes and structure of the company. Presentation of a management solution to manage processes. Installation of Customer Relationship Management software, plus the development of asset management, workshop management, warranty management, and purchasing management.

National government company

Investigation and development of kiosk touch-screen software for blue-collar workers to learn about company events and information and to provide a means of communicating with them. Also, the kiosk system allows for employee interaction to submit leave, change their details, or send a message to their boss, HR, or CEO.

Insurance company

Investigation and analysis of the insurance requirements and path for submission to banks, including all paperwork required in order to create a general, country-independent insurance mediator for insurance applications on behalf of consumers.

Ernst Young

Creation of a audit tool in order to take external auditors requirements and track and manage priority, risk and implementation of required changes.

Bloemfontein Technicon

Business analysis of processes used in the IT department.

Rau University (became University of Johannesburg)

Creation of departmental systems for information collaboration.

Sentinel Steel

Analysis of order taking and production of steel products. Process flow management investigation of all processes. Implementation of a complete order-to-production solution.


Analyzed and investigated old Sasol training content and was created in a non-web-oriented application-based system. The original developers were nonexistent, so it was necessary to reverse-engineer the content. All content was converted to a SCORM-compatible format. About 30 training courses were converted.


Investigation and analysis of the flow and management of the mine excavation and rehabilitation process. Simulation on computers was the most economical solution.

Bank of Rwanda

Implementation of the Intoweb payroll system for about 30 branches at the Bank of Rwanda.

VIP Payroll

Creation of a software update storage system for clients' repositories, and website design.

Portnet Authority

Creation of a Intranet information sharing portal.


Online analysis of cadac domains worldwide, registration of domains in over 50 countries, creation of the cadac website, and each country's website.

Top CD

Creation of a new leading edge music portal.

SG Lourence College

Analysis of online communication and collaboration requirements. A helpdesk and online collaboration solution was provided and implemented.

Northern Regions Trials

Analysis of member registration and participation in trials. Creation of a portal for such membership registration, verification, and recording of participation. Analysis of results.

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