Why is link building important:

Google identifies links and sees your site as quality and worth ranking, making it a very important aspect of SEO. Google has also confirmed that with great content, links are crucial to your websites SEO ranking.

Links = the Web!

And if Google cares, so should we

Why worry about Google?

Because they are the largest and most popular search engine, and where most of the business happens. What you do for Google will help on other Search Engines as well, and the premise stays the same

There is more research done regarding searches and links on Google than on any other search engine.

Link building improves the indexing of your website, and Google has the biggest clout in determining who is top of the rankings. 

Types of links:

Backlinks: backlinks (also known as inbound links) help users to navigate the web to get back to your site. This is done by linking into an existing links network and adding links from your site, to other strong sites, and visa versa.

Inbound links point TO your website and the higher the number, the higher the value placed on your site. 

Internal links: these are inside the website between the pages and content, and need to prevent frustration of the user, not increase it. Google rankings are affected by how long the user stays on the site, and moves around, giving an indication that the information is worth looking at and thus valuable


Indexing of webpages is the process of adding webpages onto Google Search. This means content

Crawling: To find a web page, google crawls and indexes the pages (puts them into a system where they can be found)

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