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How to get my website developed

Website development is crucial to online marketing of your business. Having a website developed might seem like a confusing venture, yet is can be very simple.

Intoweb's process of website creation means that there are unlimited pages available for the site which can be added.  By using an HTML templating system you as the administrator can add your own information you can keep your website up to date, eg with product prices as well as intergrating the website into the intranet.

Your business website can serve as a portal to access the intranet, while keeping information password locked and only available for changes by the website administrator. 

With all of these perks, each website is still unique, loaded with your company's specific information, colours and logos.

Mobi friendly websites

Depending on the package you choose, the website is mobi friendly and responsive. Mobi friendly websites are important as a lot of business is done on mobile devices. 

Can my website be hacked?

Most websites can be hacked no matter how stringent the firewalls. Intoweb's html template system with password security is however more difficult to hack than other popular templates, as the code is not freely available to the public. Adding a Captcha, and protected emails helps you protect your website

How do I start the process of having a website developed?

  • Domain names

First you will need to check whether you can hire the domain name - this is normally the company name eg Intoweb.co.za

Domain names are hired on a yearly renewal structure. Check that your company name is not a duplicate of another company which might already have the copyright to the name. A Google friendly domain name (ie Google will rank it higher) is a name which is closely related to teh product you are selling. 

Tip when choosing a domain name: If you choose a simple name which clearly states your business, this will help your site rank better. Keep it short, simple to remember and as close as possible to your real business name

Intoweb can search and book your domain name for you through the correct channels

Once you have booked the domain name, the site production starts. You will need a clear idea of what your colours are, what images you would like added and what pages you will need.

Domain names are renewed yearly or lost ie someone else can take the name internationally.

  • Monthly hosting, ie space on a server 

Website hosting is inexpensive and makes sure your site is up and running 

  • SEO /PPC /Google Adwords

How does website development connect with Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and Social media marketing?

SEO is what gets Google to "see" or find your websites. As important as the product is, there are millions of websites out there and making your products clear and visible to Google as well as all the integration of links, is what SEO is all about.Your website will not be found without SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is an optional paid for extra, and the function is improving your ranking on google. The reason this is an extra (optional) charge for your newly developed website, is because it involves ongoing work, key word optimisation and even paying google for extra ranking depending on the package. 

PPC is Pay per click advertising, where the client pays extra to Google to advertise the site with a higher ranking. The page then shows with an Ad identification in the Google search page. 

Social media: an up and coming marketing medium which can be useful to your site. Facebook provides paid for advertising and has created a business Facebook where businesses are linked. This works for a specific taret audience, ie anyone who uses FB!

Linked in is a business network ideal for business networks created 

Youtube - Depending on the product, YouTube can be a powerful marketing medium showing videos of your product and also used as a supplementary medium to your website

  • Support and changes

For clients with the SEO package, a certain amount of support is included in the package. If not, the changes or support are charged per hour or part there of. 

Multimedia additions to website development

Doodle videos are a great and fun intro into your new website

You tube links which direct back to your site

Structure of websites in development:

Most sites will have these main sections: 

  • Home (Also known as the index page) 
  • Services / Products
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Contact Details

My responsibility in the creating and developing of the website

* Get as much information ready as possible and as organised as possible. There will be a certain level of changes allowed during the development phase, but this is not unlimited. Put your primary products and services on the home page

* Give as much information in word format as you can. This reduces time and incorrect spelling 

* Images are great on a website and keep your potential clients interested

* Give information as if you were selling to a client. We cannot create the content for you, so the more you can give for us to work with the better.

* Once you have received a quote, we require 50% deposit to start the creation of the website. 

* Learn to add information, Intoweb includes a training session where we show you HOW to use the system, and then practice, practice practise. 

We have 2 initial sets of changes to your site regarding content, layout and colours. Thereafter changes will be charged unless you have an SEO package with Intoweb (which includes a certain amount of hours for your website). Make sure you have a clear idea of what you would like to be done. 

Website content development tips:

Your index/home page needs to have your main idea, what you are selling or the services you are providing needs to be clear on the Home page

Check your spelling is correct

Make sure your images are high definition. For scrolling banners, the images are best as panoramic images 

Have contact us information correct and clearly visible

Look through other sites, have an idea of what website content you want on the page, and how you need the layout done. 

Have testimonials ready of what people have said to add to the website, and use recent information

Our Clients

Kyalami, Midrand Sales (HR / Intranet) 065 975 2052 / Sales (LMS / financial) 081 4366 799

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