Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

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Learner Management Software

Intoweb has a end to end enterprise Learner Management Software, which seemly fits into the intoweb HRIS system (for employees) and also into the College Maangement System (for students). For employees it manages learning costs and ROI, while the student version manages student finances.

The Learner Management Information Sysem (LMIS) compromises of optional modules shown in the diagram above and explained below. For enterprises, the system is fully customisable to your exact needs, the systme being purposly built to allow deep customisation. For smaller organisations our off the shelf learner management software will cater for yout needs at an attractive price.

The LMIS is fully aligned for SETA accreditation or can be configured for simple online eLearning.

Modules in the Learner Management Software suite: 


The students information and administration section of the Learner Management Software system is called Edulearn. Edulearn is an eLearning software system that manages all information about courses, qualifications, awards and programmes. The online Learner Management System manages student details, student enrollments and reporting of the training and assessment material. Assessors can capture marks and comments for each student creating an accurate reporting record for each student. Courses / programmers consist of modules and each module marked separately. Training Modules can include lessons and/or assignments which are recorded as well as the assessments for that section.Learning material has weighting options and all completed work shows on the Edulearn marking system. Edulearn tracks students through the various phases of their studies, keeping the records of previous courses completed and the competency / pass or fail or incomplete status. 

Educlass is the Module of the Learner Management Software which handles classroom / scheduling of courses. The Classroom booking system is also an effective boardroom booking or conference booking facility used by corporates. The Educlass scheduling software manages all schedules and bookings of courses and the course's lessons. This scheduing software is used to manage venues and lecturers, preventing double bookings of the venues. The Educalss scheduling softare allows for multi-campus or branch facilitation. Calendar views of the events shows schedules for different branches and for venues and lecturers. The system seamlessly integrates with the EduLearn eLearning module or can be a stand alone software system.

eLearning Content development, as part of the Learner Management System with a delivery and tracking tool, content can be media rich with images, flash, video, audio, and WYSIWYG text. Content is further enhanced with dynamic pointing tools and hotspot areas to promote interactive clicking on specific areas of images. To keep the audience's attention, the content is interspersed with stimulation questions. Managers can track how much time is spent on each page and exactly how far people have gone through the eLearning training.

An eLearning Assessment software tool, which can provide test, examination and surveys. With different question types. The questions are stored in library banks, and online assessments are created from those libraries. Many options exist on question operation and examination format, including how feedback is presented or not.

The EduCentre eLearning portal allows for students to log in and see news, see their course schedules, cancel bookings, and reschedule bookings, access documents, and upload assignments. The EduCentre eLearning portal can also give the students access to financial information such as invoices should the EduFin module be taken too.

The EduFin system allows a college to mange their student finances. The system will manage different payment schemes, early, normal and late payments. It manages debit order payment over the year, EFT and credit card payments. Uploading of your bank statement will automatically match payments where possible.


Because Intoweb's eLearning Software is completely flexible with regard to content and functionality, it can be used by companies to manage the skills development aspects of their staff or within training companies as a tool to train and assess their students.

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