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Document Management System

The Document management System includes categorisation, user rights for document security, integration into other intranet modules and easy navigation.

Store your company documents safely and easily accessible for users with rights.


  • Securely store documents 
  • Review and Revision controls
  • Rights control with request/approvals
  • Audit trails
  • Policy and Procedure, general area
  • Accessible online, from anywhere
  • Email attachments and links from the system
  • If a file/folder is deleted , it will be moved to the recycle bin and can be restored.
  • Creating and uploading new company documentation
  • Storing personal documentation
  • Searching for existing documentation
  • Tracking electronic documentation
  • Retrieving the electronic documents from the storage
  • Storing and accessing company policies
  • Draw up reports regarding the documentation
  • Accesses templates for documentation
  • Bulk upload of files
  • Cut and paste enables you to move a file/folder from one location to another within the DMS 
  • Visibilty of documents can range from public to private
  • Documents can be hidden from users with certain rights
  • You can search for documents in various ways such as name, owner company and department, file, folder, file size, date last modified, and date created
  • A person can request certain rights (read, write, modify and admin) for a document, the owner can either accept or reject this request
  • Able to allow all employees to see a certain document by making it "all staff"
  • Daily report update
  • Convert documents to online forms
  • All forms can optionally be linked to workflow
  • Scan/email documents directly into DMS
  • Local document cache enables instant editing
  • Watermark PDF files 

Benefits of the document management software

  • Can be used as a stand-alone module or as part of the larger intranet
  • An online system and accessible worldwide as long as there is internet
  • Documents are stored and accessed on a rights basis 
  • Categories can be created that are company specific
  • The "Search" feature enables you to find the document you are looking for 
  • Not limited to amount of document space
  • Documents can be stored in various formats including Word, Open Office, Excel, PDF and PPT
  • Folders and files are owner based, the owner being the person who creates the folder
  • Folders and files can be shared between different groups, e.g., departments and branches 
  • Information is added and dated according to upload


  • Documents can be integrated into Process Workflows
  • The DMS can be integrated into LMS for Proof of Evidence 
  • The DMS can be integrated into the Contacts modules
  • The DMS can be used in Induction and Policy Enforcement System


Security is very important regarding document management. Access rights are according to job description and will be managed by the DMS system administrator. These determine accessibility to the links and documents. The rights are as follows: 

The person writing the document is also automatically the owner and can decide who may have access to the documentation by selecting the rights. Documents can also be shared between people giving only those people access to them. Security rights also determine which files can be accessed and which are confidential.
Documents can also be made visible for public view and linked into websites. 
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