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Understanding my SEO report

SEO reports are generated to understand and identify what users (and potential clients) are looking for, which pages are working, and how to add to your website. 

An SEO report is essential to an effective SEO campaign but understanding SEO reports can initially be confusing as well. This page is to help you understand a bit more clearly how the SEO report works.

General facts about understanding your SEO report

Traffic to and through the website will vary throughout the year, but general trends can show how the website is faring on the search engines. Reports are time base and calculated according to ever changing Google algorithms. THe algorithms are created to prevent abuse of SEO, and what a real person would actually be looking for. In other words it is there to protect the user, giving them applicable and correct information, while avoiding misleading information and baiting of users. The end game of SEO is to reduct the bounce rate, increase the sessions of uniques and repeat visitors. Not all SEO providers create the same report, but the below information is the general information that you could see. 

Unique visitors are people that have not been to the site before, ie new potential clients. 

Repeat visitors are those coming BACK to the site, also good for the client and hopefully converting into business.

Evaluating the Google report:

The images below show the dashboard of the clients profile on the SEO report. 

Users: This include all users of (people who have gone on to) the site. 

Sessions: is being an interaction being on the site. 



Bounce rate: is when a user leaves the page before 30 seconds. A bounce rate above 55% is not good, below 54% and below is acceptable, but we need to try and reduce the bounce rate.

Session duration: gives the time spent on the page. 


The graph overview showing the users over time gives the trend to when you are receiving visitors. With regards to PPC reports, your adwords can be allocated according to times which are most seen, and in specifically allocated to areas. This means that a product which is Johannesburg specific eg electrical installation Johannesburg, does not want to attract users from the UK or USA, and can remove adverts showing in those sites. The time line also shows whether you are targetting businesses, or homes, and which days are more likely to be effective. 

The time line graph can show per month, day, week or month.  

On the above graph in the SEO report, Users are 120 people, and these people on average have seen 1.76 pages. Is this because they found the product they were looking for? 

The bounce rate being high means that they probably found the product quickly and moved on, hopefully to the contact page. Having a call to action section on the page is very important in reducing the bounce rate. 

Understanding which pages are landed on, helps the administrator know what people are looking for and adjust the SEO accordingly. 


Websites need to be mobi friendly. The device graph on the SEO report will give us an idea of the type of person htat is looking at your site eg a desktop is more likely to be linked to a business, whereas a mobi device is more likely to search commercial products.

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