Search Engine Optimisation

Intoweb has a unique approach to SEO and harnesses an unfair advantage. Google takes a huge amount of variables into account when determining which websites will be positioned in the top ten results. Google also varies the ranking juggling between showing the most relevant results that are ranked as important and the more newsworthy results that also have an importance. Not only does Google try to juggle these two, but Google also purposely varies the results to see which results people click on the most. Search Engine Optimisation does not produce instant results, it takes time for Google to not only review your optimised website but to also check that it is stable. Changing the page too much, too often, makes Google think that the site is purely being optimised. Never changing the page, produces stability but can be classed as stale content. Search engine optimisation is an art and a science, no two sites are to be treated the same, and the same formula on both sites will not necessarily work. Intoweb has been implementing SEO on sites since 1999, ironically before even Google was a force to be reckoned with. Here are some of the lesser known facts about SEO:

     In order to get Google to see your site as a reference on your subject, various aspects need to be setup in order for Googles algorithm to take featured snippets from your website.


     Getting the first place in Google takes a lot of time and effort. Harnessing the long tale of Google enables you to get first place for specific results, especially location based results.


     Google parses your website to find the most relevant subpages for showcasing. Intoweb can help you showcase the correct pages.


     Intoweb can also help you place your business on the Google map, photos and company details.


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