Enterprise Learner Management System
Tailored for the Enterprise, providing induction and employee personal development plans with learning programmes, assessment and eLearning.

College Learner Management System
Created for colleges, to manage all student registrations and enrollments along with tracking of attendance, marks, finances and much more

Small Training Institution LMS
A classroom scheduling and booking system along with a CRM system to track leads.

Small training institution online learning

Small enterprise's or training institution's online learning software caters for small to medium businesses who need to train staff internally or remotely.

Training in areas outside of our office is made possible by online access to the training programmes appropriate for staff who need in-service training. Training can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection. Training can be downloaded in the form of PDFs or Power Points or done in slide format while online. 

Edutrain Online Learning

The Edutrain software encompasses an online learning content delivery system that presents the material as slides, power points, and pdf downloads. Online training is tracked using slide progress, showing whether the student has gone through the material or not. The course material is interactive, using videos, animations, and images. 

Each user is given a unique username and password, allowing them unique access to their material. This means that each user (employee, manager, or contractor) can enrol in their own unique course, or a class can be bulk enrolled in a set program. This is very useful for induction programs, sales training where the user needs to use the material, e.g., a power point to present to a client, and bulk training. 

  • e-Learning content can be combined with classroom training and linked to SCORM.
  • e-Learning online training is useful for tracking learner/employee progress through the material.
  • The learner or employee can redo or relook at the material and navigate between slides. 
  • Students can access course material anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Courses can be done from any branch or sub-campus using the unique access login details.

EduAssess Online Assessments:

  • The online assessment tool can be used as a standalone tool, or as part of the bigger learner management system.
  • Online assessments can be interspersed in online learning to meet the relevant SETA and SAQA requirements for ongoing learning.
  • Available as a stand-alone module or in the package.
  • Assessments and quizzes can be marked as percentages or according to competency levels. 
  • Assessments are either auto-marked or assessor-marked.
  • Auto marks online assessments are set as one of multiple question types in one assessment, e.g., multiple choice, true and false, yes or no, labelling diagrams.
  • Essays and short questions are marked by an assessor. 
  • Assessments can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as there is internet connection. Students can access the assessments on the EduCentre portal online, or via their email when used as an independent module.
  • The online assessment software can include videos, animations, and images.

EduClass Online Classroom Booking:

Book student lectures on a specialised calendar


The EduCentre dashboard for the students shows the courses they are enrolled in, with the option to add images per course and per chapter, as well as other communications that the college or educational institution wants the student to have, such as how to use the e-learning.

Colleges can personalise the dashboard with logos and information according to their colours and courses.


Edulearn deals with the enrolment of the employees in the course or program. Where necessary, the module is in charge of reporting received marks and practical's. 


EduSkill Software is used for recording and loading PDP's (Personal Development Plans) ATR (Annual Training Reports) WSP (Workplace Skill Plans). Plans are created per person using the employee's input as well as the management's input. 

Human Resources Contacts

The Contacts of the employees as well as their emails and login details are recorded, with employees able to edit changes to their contact details. These details go for HR approval and are then authorised for change on the system.

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