Enterprise Intranet
Manage your company efficiently at any size using software which streamlines and formalises tasks, administration and information

Membership Management
Created for enterprises to efficiently manage membership details including contact details and financial

Workflow Management
Create and follow the processes needed in your company, tthe Workflow software accurately helps to show the flow and efficiency of processes.


Online Contacts Software System - Stand alone

Record your company's contact details with the online Contacts Software System, which creates a contacts database and can be integrated into any of the Intoweb modules. It is a foundation module for many systems and has been adapted to fit the needs of the LMS, HR, and CRM /Financial software.
Contacts are put into categories specific to the company for example a supplier contact database.
Suppliers can be divided into Maintenance suppliers, IT Suppliers, Security contacts. Contacts can be disabled if they are no longer suppliers, and the archived material is saved with the ability to enable them when necessary. Access to the Contacts software is according to user rights, giving control of access to the Contacts software to the company's administrator. 

Features of the online Contact's Software (stand-alone) Module

  • Search for active and inactive contacts
  • Store archived contacts
  • Categorise the contacts for easy searching
  • Import contacts using excel and CSV files

Benefits of the Online Contacts Software Module

  • The database can be used as a stand-alone system, or as part of the Contacts Integrated System
  • The contacts database is online and can be accessed worldwide as long as there is an internet connection
  • The online contacts software is used on the LMS, HR, Financial Systems
  • The contacts software can be customised for the comapny needs 
  • You can purchase the Contacts System as a standalone version - you don't have to buy the entire Human Resource System
  • In the Learner Management System for colleges, students are added and linked to their enrolled courses
  • In the Financial Software, the company has a comprehensive contacts list, suppliers and client and this is linked to the quote, invoices, procurement, budgetting and supplier management 

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