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Helpdesk Management Software

Intoweb's Helpdesk Software is a prioritizing and troubleshooting tool, handling queries and tickets sent in by clients or employees. The Helpdesk is the central point of contact for support and request issues. The module is a key asset in companies wanting excellent client care. 

Request are prioritsed, categorised and streamlined. 

Helpdesk Features

  • Email requests and queries are sent through form clients / staff and then priorized and categorised
  • Multiple company specific categories can be created eg general support, email support, staff support, accounts, sales, maintenance
  • The Helpdesk can be used for client requests and internal staff requests
  • The Helpdesk can be used internally by staff or externally by clients (If Contacts Module is   installed).
  • Each request is given reference number.
  • Auto resposes are sent to the requestor with the with notification of request receipt
  • Notifcations and completion requests are sent through to the ticket holder
  • Reminders of incomplete tickets are sent to Helpdesk administrators after a specified time. 
  • The helpdesk software is setup with auto-escalation of tickets. 
  • All tickets have an audit trail 
  • Tickets have communication between the administrator and the requestor, allowing for more information to be requested. 
  • Request tickets can be transferred between helpdesks. 
  • Tickets are categorised using specialised keyword algorithms
  • Pending request options for ticket operators to receive additional information.
  • Helpdesk operators are assigned to specific helpdesks
  • Tickets can be transferred between helpdesks.
  • Navigation and setup is user friendly with links to various pages
  • Using an SMS module, there is an sms functionality for nofications and replies
  • Using the Asset management software, tickets can be linked to assets
  • Facility to rate tickets after completion and provide feedback.


  • Email notifications have links directing the user to the Helpdesk ticket
  • Tickets are sent in to the email added in the setup of the Helpdesk software
  • Each ticket is lodged with a ticket reference number, the requestor receiving this number 
  • Helpdesk managers set up the applicablbe categories into which tickets are grouped
  • Multiple helpdesks can be used on one system
  • Each transaction is recorded.

System Intergration

The Helpdesk System can be integrated with Intoweb's CRM and Contacts software module and with the e-mail server. For clients using the SMS module, the system integrated with this as well. SMS packages are the responsibilty of the client

Intoweb Helpdesk Software system

The system uses the Intoweb framework, which includes anti-spamming, anti-illegal file uploading and anti-sql injection, and various other security techniques.The authorised company supplier officers need to log onto the system using a secure username and password in order to process information.


The reports facility enables you to generate customised reports. Some reports that can be generated are Callouts, Categories, Assets, Ratings, Escalations, User Reports and Operator Reports.

Our Clients

Kyalami, Midrand Sales (HR / Intranet) 065 975 2052 / Sales (LMS / financial) 081 4366 799

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